Seance (2021) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Seance (2021) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Simon Barrett
STARRING: Suki Waterhouse, Madisen Beaty, Ella-Rae Smith

In SEANCE, Camille Meadows is the new girl at the prestigious Edelvine Academy for Girls. Soon after her arrival, six girls invite her to join them in a late-night ritual, calling forth the spirit of a dead former student who reportedly haunts their halls. But before morning, one of the girls is dead, leaving the others wondering what they may have awakened.

To put it in a more simple way, Seance, is a fun movie. It gets bloody when it needs to and it pays a bit of homage to old slashers along the way. It isn’t anything that I think will be blowing anyone away by any means but if you like to watch a fun horror flick with an interesting enough plot, then this one will be for you. A lot of the movie is as solid as it is based on the performances of the female cast. I won’t say we are ever in the ballpark of The Craft with this one, but I think it’ll hit all the marks anyone will want to be entertained while watching it.

This one combines paranormal movies with the slasher movie and the end result is good. A lot of the time a slasher can be played out and the paranormal part stops that from happening. Then on the other side of that, the paranormal stuff be at times boring in some movies, but the blood and such helps matters here. I don’t know about re-watch value in the long run, but I do know that if you are looking for something nice (and bloody) to watch, that you could do a whole lot worse than Seance. This is out now on Blu-ray from RLJ Entertainment and can even be found right now on the shelves of Wal-mart.


  • Director Commentary
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Decapitation Pre-Viz
  • Photo Gallery


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