Exorcast Episode 45: Slaxx (Video)

Directed by Elza Kephart (Go in the WildernessGraveyard Alive) who co-wrote the film with  Patricia Gomez Zlatar (Graveyard Alive), SLAXX stars Romane Denis (Slut in a Good Way), Brett Donahue (“Private Eyes,” “Bad Blood”), Sehar Bhojani (“The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Seth and Ethnicity”), and Stephen Bogaert (American PsychoIt). RLJE Films will release SLAXX on DVD for an SRP of $27.97.

In SLAXX, a possessed pair of jeans is brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a trendy clothing company. Shipped to the company’s flagship store, the killer jeans proceed to wreak carnage on staff who are locked in overnight to set up the new collection. SLAXX is “stylish, sharp, and not to be overlooked” (Pajiba.com) and “just good, bloody, fun” (Flickering Myth).

Bonus features on the DVD include:

●      The Story Behind SLAXX

●      The Pants Are Alive

●      Producing A Killer Pants Movie

●      Call In The Death Consultant

●      Casting SLAXX

●      Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery

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