Through the Fire (1988) (Blu-ray Review)

Through the Fire (1988) (Blu-ray Review)
DIRECTED BY: Gary Marcum
STARRING: John S. Davies, Lourdes Regala, Beverly Brown
AVAILABLE FROM Vinegar Syndrome

After finding a strange looking amulet, a young woman mysteriously vanishes. Her sister, Sandra, finding the police to be little help, turns to a rogue officer named Nick, who senses that something evil is afoot. However, the strange disappearance is only the beginning of a horrifying nightmare, as a Satanic sect, which worships the God Moloch, are determined to do anything in their power to retrieve the ancient amulet as a means of bringing their unholy master to life and ushering in Hell on Earth. It’s up to Nick and Tamara to face off against not only the murderous cult, but their monstrous deity.

Through the Fire, or as the reverse cover calls it “The Gates of Hell II” is a movie that comes with a major “WTF” factor if you are looking for that sorta thing with movies you watch. I’m all about that sort of thing, so I might have just enjoyed this one more for its flaws than a lot of common folks heading into something like this might. So you’ve come to the wrong place if you are looking for a movie with any sort or sight of common sense. If you want something wild and out of left field, then this is something for you. The characters aren’t always doing the smart thing. As a matter of fact, I’d say most the time they suck at being the heroes of the movie and if they were any smarter a lot of deaths could have been avoided, but the movie never does try to stay in its lane and that wild and weird aspect of it is something that makes it entertaining from start to finish, for better or for worse.

While it has nothing at all to do with the original Gates of Hell and it isn’t on that level even in production, it has the blood and it has the odd stuff going on enough to be somewhat worthy of the title, even if the main title is Through the Fire. As it stands with this one, I just suggest you toss the logic out the window and just take this one in for what it is. That being a movie that makes no sense at all most the time but still holds it together to be worth a watch and worth owning in general. It also looks really good here as Vinegar Syndrome has once again pulled great detail and overall look out of a movie that probably has no business to look as good as it ends up looking. I’d say anyone who likes weird horror and gore needs to see Through the Fire.


  • Audio Commentary track with co-writer/director Gary Marcum for THROUGH THE FIRE
  • “Lighting the Spark” – an interview with co-writer/director Gary Marcum and co-writer/associate producer Brad Potter
  • “A Labor of Love” – an interview with special makeup effect artist Gregor Punchatz
  • Alternate feature-length version THE GATES OF HELL PART II: DEAD AWAKENING (sourced from video)
  • Audio Commentary track with co-writer/director Gary Marcum, co-writer/associate producer Brad Potter and editor Jay Helton (moderated by Zack Carlson) for THE GATES OF HELL PART II
  • Behind-the-scenes special effects video footage
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles for the main feature


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