Ultraman Tiga: The Complete Series (DVD REVIEW)

Ultraman Tiga: The Complete Series (DVD REVIEW)
AVAILABLE FROM Mill Creek Entertainment

Thirty million years ago when the universe was threatened by two horrifying monsters, the mysterious Ancient Ultra Warriors appeared and defeated the beasts. The Ultra Warriors then created the Pyramid of Light in the Land of Tiga and remained there waiting to be called upon again. At the beginning of the 21st century, two huge monsters reappear, demolishing everything in their path. Even the super weaponry of the Global Unlimited Task Squad (code name: G.U.T.S.) can’t stop them. During a battle near an ancient golden pyramid, something goes wrong. Daigo, the GUTS Team’s most daring young fighter, becomes joined with the last remaining statue of one of the Ancient Ultra Warriors. The mighty Ultraman Tiga is born! Now when danger strikes, Daigo holds aloft the Spark Lance and transforms into Ultraman Tiga!

Mill Creek brings up Ultraman Tiga (with specials) on a Six-disc set that gives you over 21 hours of fun! Now, I’m not an expert when it comes to the world of Ultraman, but I do know that I’m starting to feel like one with all these releases on both Blu-ray and DVD that Mill Creek has given us. Some online research does, however, tell me that apparently, the main theme for this series is missing from all but just a few episodes for some reason. I’m not sure if that will be a deal-breaker for you guys or not but it probably is something a reviewer should note. Regardless, you get about 52 episodes of pure fun here and that’s what counts with me. Ultraman is always fun and the Ultraman Tiga series was no different. So, if you like any Ultraman shows or movies I don’t see why you won’t still be right at home with what you find here.

Set in an alternate universe in the year 2007-2010 (2049 in the U.S.) you get a none-stop onslaught of Ultraman facing off against giant monsters and aliens. I don’t know if I like something like this as much as I did old-school Power Rangers, but it’s fun. I’ve just seen soo much Ultraman at this point I feel I might need a break after this before Mill Creek tosses the next Ultraman set at us. I can still think of much worse ways to kill some time rather than watching a giant robot go to war with all sorts of weird creatures. If you love this stuff already then you will obviously love this stuff here too.


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