Side Out (1990) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Side Out (1990) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Peter Israelson
Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Peter Horton, Courtney Thorne-Smith
AVAILABLE FROM Mill Creek Entertainment

Midwestern kid Monroe Clark (C. Thomas Howell) moves to Los Angeles to intern for his lawyer uncle (Terry Kiser). But Monroe ends up hanging out at the beach instead and finds himself in the beach volleyball scene. Suddenly, Monroe gets teamed up with former King of the Beach Zack Barnes (Peter Horton) to compete in the biggest tournament in the sport.

Well, the year is 1990 and we have a volleyball movie that ends with two guys teaming up to try to win a volleyball tournament. No, sadly, we don’t have what I’d call anywhere close to the Karate Kid of volleyball films on our hands. I don’t think we have anything here that does anything besides make me kind of miss the old Super Spike Volleyball game I use to play all the time on NES when I was a whole 5 years old. The plot focuses on a young man who is trying to be a lawyer and getting help for that from his uncle. His first case has to deal with a beach bum who is behind on rent. That leads him to the beach, which leads him to the beach life that also includes a girl of interest. Add in him becoming friends with said beach bum and the two deciding to team and take part in a volleyball tournament and we have our movie. It’s got some laughs, it’s got nudity, but it’s also got everything we’ve already seen a million times before in other (better) movies.

It also has what I’d call a terrible transfer on this Blu-ray disc as well. I mean, I’m not export in anything technical when it comes to HD transfers but this one looks rough. It’s grainy and just unrewarding from an HD point of view. I’d say it looks more like someone just took the DVD and gave it an upscale rather than a real mastered transfer. So, yeah, if you just want to see it for that fact alone I don’t think you’ll be too thrilled. You also won’t find any extras here either. All in all, Side Out is a below-average beach film with a very below-average Blu-Ray release. The best thing about this one is the throwback VHS style slipcase, but even those are starting to not be as exciting as they once were.


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