Uncle Sam (1996) (4K Ultra HD REVIEW)

Uncle Sam (1996) (4K Ultra HD REVIEW)
Director: William Lustig
Starring: Robert Forster, P.J. Soles, Timothy Bottoms
AVAILABLE FROM Blue Underground

It’s Fourth Of July Weekend, and the recently discovered corpse of Sgt. Sam Harper – killed by ‘friendly fire’ during the first Gulf War – is returned to his all-American hometown. But when Sam rises from the dead to punish the unpatriotic, only his young nephew and a bitter Korean War veteran (Academy Award winner + Grammy Award winner Isaac Hayes of SHAFT and SOUTH PARK fame) can stop his red-blooded rampage. Draft dodgers, tax cheats, crooked politicians and flag-burners beware: Uncle Sam wants you… DEAD! Timothy Bottoms (THE LAST PICTURE SHOW), Bo Hopkins (THE WILD BUNCH), William Smith (FAST COMPANY), P.J. Soles (HALLOWEEN, CARRIE) and Academy Award ® nominee Robert Forster (JACKIE BROWN) co-star in this zombie horror hit directed by William Lustig (MANIAC, RELENTLESS) and written by Larry Cohen (GOD TOLD ME TO, THE STUFF). Now Blue Underground is thrilled to present UNCLE SAM in a sparkling new 25th Anniversary restoration, scanned in 4K 16-bit from the original 35mm negative, with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio, loaded with illuminating Extras!

Well, I’m actually shocked at how good Uncle Sam of all things looks in 4K! Not that Blue Underground has ever gone light or taken it easy on a 4K upgrade before, but this one just pops and I honestly didn’t expect it. Who would think a cult movie like this would make a flawless leap into the world of HDR, but here we are with this new 4K release and that is just what has happened. But, how is the movie if you have never seen it before? Uncle Sam was a straight-to-video that I recall seeing in the local video stores around 1996/1997, but I never got the chance to take a look at it until the old Blu-ray release. And I won’t lie, while not really spectacular the movie is pretty entertaining overall for numerous reasons. Some of those reasons are good and some are bad. Call it bad in a good way if you will, but watching a kid that is a bit of an asshole try very hard to live up to his horrible uncle and a one-legged Isaac Hayes rush in with a giant cannon in order to try to save the day will both entertain you and crack you up at the same time. The 1990s was an odd time for horror and this film bridges that gap in some ways between the corny stuff like Dr. Giggles and the better-accepted stuff like Scream.

The plot is rather ridiculous and the results are a nice cheesy flick. If you like slasher movies that are based around holidays I think you will get just as much of a kick out of Uncle Sam as I did. It could be the very best 4th of July-themed horror movie that has ever been made. Then again, as I sit here typing this, I don’t recall too many other ones. Nonetheless, this is a must-have if you are looking to keep upgrading your old Blu-rays to 4Ks. But make sure you do have a 4K player before you pick this one up because this one only comes with the 4K disc. All in all, we have a silly slasher movie on our hands that looks better than it had any right to ever look.


  • 4K Ultra HD Disc (2160p) Widescreen 2.40:1 feature presentation
  • Audio: Dolby Atmos (English); 5.1 DTS-HD (English)
  • Subtitles: English SDH, Francais, Espanol
  • Audio Commentary #1 with Director William Lustig, Writer Larry Cohen and Producer George G. Braunstein
  • Audio Commentary #2 with Director William Lustig and Star Isaac Hayes
  • Fire Stunts with Audio Commentary by Stunt Coordinator Spiro Razatos
  • Deleted Scene
  • Gag Reel
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster & Still Gallery

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